2018 Fitness Kickboxing classes timetable 

Meet the Team

Free self-defence classes

Where: Waitakere Community Resource Centre 8 Ratanui Street, Henderson

When:  Fortnightly Fridays

Timetable above

The Classes are run by 4 Qualified instructors and focus on


* Fitness


* Bullying


* Life skills


* Self-confidence




This Program has been Specialised and Formulated by Martin Lindgreen Darryn, Julz Lee. The programme is designed and aimed at Children/Youth being bullied, special needs and learning disabilities. Self-defence is simply modifying typical movements to what an individual with a physical disability can do. A big benefit for Children/Youth with disabilities learning self-defence increases self-confidence.


Disabilities come in many forms and aren't always clearly visible and range from




* Low Self-Esteem


* Being Bullied


* Overweight


* Anger Programs


* Learning Disabilities


To book or more info

Contact Darryn on 0212330363

Email brighter.rainbows@gmail.com







Martin Lindgreen is a qualified Martial Arts Instructor whose dedication to Martial Arts spans over 31 years. During this time, he has 15 degrees of Black Belts-5th degree black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu, 4th degree black belt in Japanese Karate, and a 6th degree belt in the Philippine Sikaran Arnis stick fighting system. He has trained in Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, USA, Holland, and Australia.


Prior to 1986, Martin Lindgreen won a total of 18 national and international titles, including four world titles in 1997 at the CCP International Competitions. After a short retirement from the competition, circuit won Champion of Champions in 1996.


Martin Lindgreen is certified by the Martial Arts Council of New Zealand. In 1984 the Instructor of the year was awarded to him by the New Zealand Government and in 1997 he was nominated as Sports Couch of the year,


Martin Lindgreen holds a degree in Child Psychology along with Coaching Associates of New Zealand Certificates (1 & 2) and he is certified in Exercise Science, Anatomy and Physiology.


He has advanced Trade Certificates in four trades including Aircraft Engineering. Martin has worked with the Disabled, the Dyslexic Foundation of New Zealand, The New Zealand Nanny Association, the Department of Education, NZ Police Force, the rugby fraternity, Film Industry, and has been involved with the training of NZ Stunt personnel.


Martin has implemented building programs for the corporate sector and has been a mantypersonal Trainer of international celebrities such as Joan Collins and Rachel Hunter.

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